complex of design and engineering-advisory services
on preparation and supporting of the quality
production process

Our company has as its staff only recognized professionals, such as: design engineers, product design people, tooling engineers, measuring and recording apparatus engineers (Engineering of instrumentation and automation), electronic engineers - circuit engineers, programmers, that have great industrial know-how in very different designing fields, product design, engineering and in development of drawings, production of parts and mechanisms, automation of different processes, creating of software for computers, controllers, conventional NC of different level of complexity.

If you need demand for any of the above listed services, if you need drawing to be developed, project or 3D visualization, if your task is not standard or you dont know how to solve it the best way - we are with readiness will perform for you these services.


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Services in SolidWorks and AutoCAD:

Our company performs works in program SolidWorks and AutoCAD and suggesting  our professional services:
  • organizing of design documentation in accordance with Unified system of  design documentation;
  • 3d objects modeling in SolidWorks, creating of 3D models and also visualization services of  3D models in SolidWorks;
We perform 3D models development according to skeleton plan, drawing, photo, picture or experimental model and also actions connected with animations and creating pf the photorealistic rendering (photo realistic visualization), we carry out in any design area.
  • parameter-oriented models;
  • assembly and parts  design;
  • carrying out of checking calculations including load ratio calculations;
  • drafting and engineering development in programs: SolidWorks and AutoCAD;
  • services on the darts and assembly analysis (CAE analysis) finite-element-based.
We carry out the following types of CAE analysis:
  • statical;
  • dynamic;
  • gas/hydrodynamic.
Analysis of parts we perform in programs: Kompas 3D, SolidWorks, Ansys at customer’s option.
  • carry out writing and part-program creation for numerical control machines by means of СAM applications for NC machine tools Siemens Sinumerik, Fanuc, Mazatrol, Fagor.
We are using only licensed software for writing programs for numerical control machines Mazak –MAZATROL Matrix CAM. For other systems NC writing and part-program creation for NC machine tools carried out in programs  SprutCAM, Cimco, CAMWorks. We have big database of back-end processors practically for all types of NC machine tools. It is also possible to write machine-specific instructions for NC machine tools manually (G-, M- codes).
  • carry out writing of control software for NC stands LJUMO and К524.


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Carry out development of the machine-toll attachments for the specific part of the client in 2D/3D. We have possibility to develop all accompanying engineering and production documentation.

We carry out overall operation on engineering with any material, including: steel, wood and plastic.
We are providing services on engineering and development of any cutting tools:
  • single point cutting tools,
  • drill bits,
  • milling tools,
  • tapping tools,
  • broaching bits,
  • shaping cutters,
  • shaving cutters,
  • combination tooling and other.

We also carry out different calculations of the listed cutting tools. Engineering design of cutting tools is carried out according to all requirements of client, there is possible development of all related engineering and design documentation.

We carry out engineering of measuring and inspection tools in 2D/3D for general purpose, and for specific part.
  • providing services on design and development of production tools, such as stamps, press-molds, devices, master plates and other. We carry out calculations for accuracy f devices, durability and i.e.

During front-end engineering design by our specialists there is applied newest program software – licenses packages of industrial design three-dimensional modeling SolidWORKS and АutoCAD. It guarantees executive and error-free design work implementation.

Our company provides services in perfective design maintenance  from А to Z, from the feasibility study to implementation of the project. Additionally: at our own production facility we can produce parts you are interested in, joints and mechanisms.


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Suggesting product engineering, we also suggesting you full cycle of the parts being designed, which includes:

  • idea;
  • discussions and consultations  with dedicated experts;
  • collection of information;
  • 3D model building in SolidWorks;
  • prototyping;
  • analysis of the assembly;
  • correcting;
  • confirmation of the final design;
  • mounting design;
  • mounting manufacture;
  • pilot lot production;
  • commercial test;
  • correction based on the testing results;
  • full production;

We have great experience and vast portfolio in designing and engineering development in fields of development and implementation of projects of industrial institutions automation and separate technological processes. We develop full set of construction documentation that includes: functional diagrams of electrics, connection diagrams, erection drawings, equipment specification, lists of cables.

We understand, that most of problems solving solutions should be found at the stage of design and engineering and we pay special attention to these segments of work. Applying our own and also large experience of our employees abroad, we are serous about each task. Meeting of deadlines, quality and aesthetically fine contraction of installation systems, quality communication with clients and other contractors, is only several of our goals, thanks to which client will be always satisfied.

That is why we carefully approach to each of these segments of work, knowing, that works performed in a good way will be best recommendation in future. Good work can be performed only by well prepared and organized team. Since we all are part of one team, with one goal – to carry out work with good quality and due-by-date. It is the only way to keep old and attract new clients.


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Metalwork production services:

Our company has our own modern production facilities where we can accomplish listed below metalworking operations:

  • Metal smooth finish - Gentle polishing processing
  • Coordinate polishing processing
  • Electric erosion machining - Wiry, Piercing
  • Detachable processing - Belt-detachable
  • Machining center modules - Lathe work center
  • HPM machining center
  • Boring works - Coordinate-boring
  • HPM works
  • HPM with NC
  • Lathe works with NC

Our company can produce metal objects of any complexity. Equipment of company is oriented for accomplishment of large production programs and also for small-lots and and even for custom made pilot-production.


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Our Contacts:

Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk,
Komsomolskaya Street 32/9
tel/fax +380 56 745-51-54
We speak Russian,
English and Spanish.

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